If you’re Vegan or dairy intolerant, we hear you!

Well after much crawling down rabbit holes on the internet late at night, much R&D at the lab and of course a LOT of help from our vegan and dairy intolerant friends, we’ve now decided on a great dairy free cheese alternative.

It’s called Vegusto No Moo melty and I’m sure you’re familiar with it. It’s organic, no soya or palm oil is used, and above all it’s damn tasty on a pizza. We feel it’s of a high enough quality and flavourful enough that we don’t feel bad about it being atop any of our pizza. Keep this in mind next time you’re yearning for something more than a marinara (as delicious as they are!)

Disclaimer: We are very aware that vegan cheese, wherever it’s from, isn’t appealing to all vegans and those with a dairy intolerance so we’ll always be happy to offer other dairy free options or happily let you choose your own too!

Lot’s of Love,

The Wandercrust team